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Two main types of kitchen pull-out faucets


Above said how to choose a good faucet, mainly on the material. For the kitchen faucet, more diverse in function, when buying and selling, in addition to looking at the quality, functionality also has a lot to say.

First, optional pull-out models.

pull-out faucets are much more convenient than non-pull-out faucets when cleaning the sink or rinsing.

There are two main types of kitchen pull-out faucets:

Pull-out hose + gravity ball, relying on gravity to make the pull-out hose retract. Common pull-out hose is mainly nylon and stainless steel two kinds, big brands of high-quality pull-out faucet basically choose the nylon hose, pulling feel better.

Spring faucet, the support tube for the spring, to achieve the effect of disguised pull. Two pull-out models, the former is more common, but there is a pull-out tube feel bad, gravity ball retraction effect is poor. The latter body comes with a pull-out function, longer than the traditional pull-out hose life, but there is also a short pull-out distance shortcomings.

Second, see the water discharge mode.

Most of the faucets are single outlet mode, through the bubbler out of the bubbling water. If the budget is sufficient, you can buy a faucet with a shower water + bubble water dual water mode. Shower water has a large spray area and comes out strong for rinsing. Bubble water is soft and concentrated, can slow down the splash, suitable for daily use.

Third, the support tube can be rotated better.

Rotating adjustable support pipe kitchen faucet is much more convenient in actual use.

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