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How to choose a basin faucet?


The market is full of taps, a lot of features are close to intelligent, show a sense of technology. But in fact, the function of the faucet is not more the better, simpler, but more comfortable to use, more senior sense.

So, how should I choose the Basin Faucet? What features are more practical?

Pull-out function

In winter, lazy wash your hair with the basin, the result is often knocked into the faucet. At this time if there is a faucet that can be pulled out, it is really convenient.

Tianwang bathroom lift pull-out faucet, not only can increase the wash space of the basin, and the faucet also acts as a shower, flexible rinse head of foam; usually clean the basin also do not have to worry about dead ends, all-round cleaning.

Upper outlet function

When there are many people in the family, the dense brushing cups on the sink look very crowded, and every time you brush your teeth, the water stains on the cups will flow along the countertop to the ground.

If the faucet comes with a water design, when you brush your teeth and rinse your mouth, you just need to open the faucet and take a sip, and you don't need to find a cup anymore.

Tap height

basin faucet and kitchen faucet is not the same, the kitchen because you have to wash pots and pans, plus the sink is deeper, so you need a higher faucet.

But the bathroom faucet height is generally to exceed the basin 15cm is more appropriate, the faucet is too far away from the basin, it is easy to splash the water around, and too short faucet looks very confined.

Whether it is a countertop basin or under the counter basin, according to this distance to buy faucet is better.

How to choose a basin faucet?

Texture selection

All-copper body + ceramic valve core is basically the standard of the faucet shower, not only has a high value appearance, but also the quality of the use of not bad.

Judge the quality of the copper material, first look at the weight, the body with sufficient material into the hand is very heavy. Second listen to the sound, good copper material, knocking on the surface will emit a low rattle. Third look at the surface plating layer, smooth and delicate surface layer is good plating.


Hand washing with the basin, often feel that the space is not big enough, this time if you can turn the tap to the side, the basin immediately became wide.

If you often use the basin to wash clothes, it is still recommended to pick a faucet that can rotate.

Foaming function

Some faucets also come with a foaming function, which is very soft, not only will not splash on the countertop, but also saves water.

The above basin faucet in the quality and function of the purchase of key points, you according to their own needs to choose their own good, I hope this note can help you buy a satisfactory basin faucet.

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