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There are four large types of washbasin faucets


There are four major types of washbasin faucets, each with a different function. Before purchasing a faucet, it is important and necessary to understand the characteristics and water methods of these four types of faucets.

Single Connection Taps

Single coupled taps are the simplest of taps and can be connected to either cold or hot water pipes, with only a simple draining function.

The working principle of single coupled tap: there is a spindle inside, close the handle, the spindle stops the flow of water by holding the valve in place; open the handle, the spindle loosens the frame and the water flows out.

The main types of single coupled taps are: horizontal taps, double-head taps, waterfall taps, horizontal universal taps, vertical mixer taps, kitchen taps and so on.

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Duplex mixer tap

Duplex mixer taps can be connected to both hot and cold water pipes. Like single connection taps, you can control the amount of water coming out by turning the handle, but dual connection taps can be connected to both hot and cold water pipes, with cold and hot water mixing at the spout. Therefore, the temperature can be adjusted by how far the handle is turned. The main types of two-handle mixer taps are wall-mounted and countertop.

Single-handle mixer taps

Single handle mixer taps allow you to adjust the temperature and volume of water by using a single handle. The water output is controlled by moving the handle up and down and the temperature is adjusted by moving the handle sideways. Single handle mixer taps are available in a variety of design types and can be easily matched to the style of the wash basin. The four main types of single handle mixer taps are wall-mounted, countertop, single-hole and those with a pull-out hose.

thermostatic mixer taps

Thermostatic mixer taps are taps with an integrated thermostat that adjusts the temperature. The thermostat automatically adjusts the amount of hot and cold water that is mixed and ensures that the water does not get hot or cold and that it comes out at a consistent temperature. The amount of water coming out can be adjusted with the handle. The thermostat's handle also adjusts the temperature.

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