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Tips for matching your shower mixer


The faucet in the full set of showerheads for shower style is a bathroom fixture that is the water discharge valve of the water pipe, which opens or closes to control the flow of hot and cold water through a rotating mechanism. As it is often used by us, so we also need to consider the matching problem when we buy shower mixer, and choose the right shower mixer for our bathroom.

Colour Matching

Shower mixer is mostly made of stainless steel with modern and stylish colours. Choose the same stainless steel as the frame of the shower, bathroom shelves and other bathroom products with the same colour scheme to match. Wall tiles can also be used such as black and other visually appealing colours, which can enhance the modernity of the bathroom and improve the degree of fashion.

Household Matching

Shower mixer is suitable for all types of household decoration, simple shower room with shower, occupying a corner of the bathroom, simple and stylish. If the house type is large, you can choose double handle with drain faucet, looks atmospheric. And small households can choose single handle faucet, small and exquisite, suitable for room and home.

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