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How to choose the kitchen faucet? The key to look at these 4 points!


The kitchen faucet must be good, the water for cooking and washing pots and pans goes through it every day. Today we will share with you how to buy a good quality kitchen faucet.

1. Faucet higher

Faucet do not choose too short, spout from the sink the closer, wash pots and pans, the more likely to bump, want to wash a kettle can not stand to wash. And the spout is too short, the water is easy to be too fierce, splash everywhere, so, choose a higher faucet.

2. pull-out faucet

Previously, when the family used a non-pull-out faucet, every time you see the dead end of the sink becomes dirty, you can't wait to break the faucet down and rinse it properly. Faucet or pull-out good, especially multi-slot sink, with a pull-out faucet, cleaning and sanitation immediately save a lot of things.

Common pull-out faucets on the market are spring-loaded and gravity ball two kinds of faucets can be pulled but the principle is different. Spring type is the combination of spring and telescopic hose, through the spring automatic contraction. The gravity ball faucet is in the end of the hose with gravity ball, using gravity to automatically retract.

Recommended gravity ball type. Because the spring with a long time the material will always be some loss, which will affect its elasticity. Especially the poor quality of the spring, with a few years after the rebound strength may be much weaker. The gravity ball type does not have to worry about this. And the spring faucet spring is exposed, the value is not as good as the gravity ball faucet.

How to choose the kitchen faucet? The key to look at these 4 points!

3.Ceramic spool

Some partners may find that the home faucet for a long time, the water valve is more and more difficult to turn, every time you want to adjust the temperature of hot water, it is always a little short to adjust, this is the spool can not. Faucet spool selection and shower, are to choose ceramic spool: smooth, durable, no water leakage, high-end faucet shower preferred.

4. Faucet material

Daily cooking water to pass through the faucet, so the faucet material selection, must pay extra attention. Iron, zinc alloy material, easy to rust and corrosion, so not very suitable for kitchen faucet. Still recommend all copper or stainless steel material, these two materials are more corrosion-resistant, long-term use also do not have to worry about health problems.

Copper faucet surface will usually be plated to prevent internal rust, when shopping to see more plating skin. High-quality plating skin smooth and delicate, long-term use does not fall off, but poor quality skin, plating will be easy to fall off.

There are other colours, water outlet and other aspects of the choice, in accordance with their own preferences to pick. But the above 4 points is the key to buy kitchen faucet, directly determines whether the faucet can be used comfortably. We remember to look more when you are shopping.

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