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Installation and removal of basin faucet


basin taps are one of the very used hardware in your home, as they are also prone to problems due to regular use. Once the faucet has a problem, inevitably disassembled or even overhaul and replacement, after confirming that there is no error and then will involve the process of installation. In fact, the installation and disassembly of basin taps are relatively simple, but many people still do not quite understand the specific steps. This article will give you a basin faucet installation and disassembly related issues.

Installation part

1、Remove the packaged basin mixer and check whether the fittings are complete first when you use it. Before installation, you should clean around the installation opening to ensure that there is no dirt in the water supply pipe, so that the water inlet pipe is kept clean. If you don't want the tap to scratch, take care to wear gloves when installing it.

2. Remove the rubber washer from the tap on the basin, insert it into the inlet hose and tighten it. Once the first inlet hose has passed through the threaded fitting, the inlet end of the second inlet hose passes through the threaded fitting and has been screwed into the inlet. During installation, pay attention to control the direction and even force, and then tighten the screw joint.

3. Place the two inlet hoses into the rubber gasket, cover and tighten the locking nut that secures the faucet, then tighten the sleeve. The position of the two inlet hoses and the angle valve fitting should be tightened separately, but it is recommended not to exert too much force to avoid deformation or twisting. So three steps, basin faucet is installed.

Installation and removal of basin faucet

These are the steps to install the basin mixer, and then explain the dismantling steps.

1, use a spanner to separate the water inlet pipe and hose, need to control the split force, if you are not careful to break the pipe is not good. If the home's water inlet pipe is open pipe, you can use one hand to hold the water pipe when separating, one hand and then use the wrench to screw, so that it is easier to separate.

2, fixed basin faucet fixtures removed, so you can easily take the tap. Usually this process is very simple, but if the basin has been in use for a long time, the hose will be brittle, or the location of the firmware has rusted, this removal process is more troublesome. You can apply a few drops of oil to the rusted area and turn on the tap. If you can't unscrew it, try using a saw to remove the rusted part and unscrew the tap.

These are the problems related to the installation and removal of basin taps, I hope this article can help.

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